Bid to Launch

Overview of a typical web site project

Typically, for a new web site bid, after speaking to the Client to get a good idea of the scope of job – I will spend some time researching and putting together a strategy for the design/development of the site/system. I present this as a formal bid for job for the Client to review.

Formal bid

A typical web site bid is provided via PDF and includes a detailed project description, my references, a timeline, cost estimates, start of job definition, and copies of the required agreements for the Client to review. After a formal bid is accepted, I provide the Client with a creative brief (PDF). This brief includes a list of questions that help to define the goals, the design and the direction of the new site/system.

Start of job to design approval

After the start of job items are in place, and the goals/specs are well defined, I begin work following the project timeline. Once a Client approves the design/direction from a mock up – I then create the full working site for Client review and usability testing on the new host server.

Pre-launch check list

After collaboration and addressing any requests/changes, the site goes to pre-launch. I provide a pre-launch checklist that includes making sure that areas such as emails, web apps, site plugins, site permalinks, SEO plugins, are all set to work seamlessly when your new site goes live.