Laura Bailey – Project Manager for the The Red Badge Project

I am more than pleased to provide a reference for Mindy Schmidt, with respect to her services as web designer and ongoing site maintenance. Not only did she effectively capture what we hoped to have The Red Badge Project’s site convey, she worked to coach us through the process of refining our ideas and understanding the website development process.

redbadgeHer guidance continues to prove invaluable. She is prompt, professional, and patient. As we did not always understand the terminology, she was clear in her explanations; with the intent of having us understand what goes into making a website function. She is clear about costs, process and timelines. I can’t tell you how important that has been in both the development and ongoing site maintenance.

We did our research prior to deciding upon Mindy. Her price structure is more than reasonable. In fact, given the quality of the work and strength of our ongoing relationship, we view it as an excellent investment. I strongly recommend that, should your contract with Mindy for your website development, you consider continuing the relationship to insure your site continues to function smoothly, while representing you on the web. As to what else, I might say it would be that should you decide to work with Mindy, listen closely to her ideas (they are excellent), ask questions (nothing is to small) and respect her timelines (they are there for good reason).

Dave Warren – Owner of Kitchen Concepts LLC

kcMindy was a joy to work with! She is very creative and treated the web site like it was her own! She came up with lots of good ideas on how to make it better. She just re-built my web site so it would be responsive and it was a lot more work than she had envisioned, but she stuck with her quote and did not charge me more. I don’t think you could find a better person to do it. You might find someone “cheaper” but I don’t think you will find someone better. [ Web site here. ]