Tips & Trends

Social Media Overload?

Learning new things is a great way to stay connected! For the younger generation, they have never known a world without social media, but for many people, this is a fundamental shift in how people connect and communicate. Learning new things can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be scary! Here is a short video introducing Twitter – for those who are not familiar with it.

Online Video Marketing

Online Videos Are an Effective Way to Tell Your Story. Whether you need  a 15 second promo for use on Facebook or you want a longer more in depth video highlighting who you are and what you do – video and motion graphics (when done well) can make a great addition to your online marketing strategy. Videos help break up otherwise static posts on your web site or in a Facebook ... Read More

Why Go Responsive?

“Be Responsive or Be Left Out” The term “responsive” was coined in May of 2010.   Responsive sites dynamically change layout depending on the device accessing the site. (Tablet/smart phones etc) to best fit and format for readability or usability. Google currently has a preference for responsive Web design and is trending to only continue in popularity. This is both because of the benefits of SEO/accessibility factors and especially as so many ... Read More

My nephew builds web sites…

My nephew builds web sites, so why should I pay you? First, anyone you plan to hire should have actual web sites for you to review. (Here is some of my work.) If they do provide sites for you to see, visit them. Be sure that each meets the below basic checklist. If their other web sites don’t meet these criteria …. then you should back away, nay run! There are ... Read More

Social Media and Conversion

How does someone actually find your web site?   Besides manually typing in your web site address into a browser, there are actually many aspects to how people can end up on your web site. Does your site meet W3C web site standards for accessibility? Is your site responsive or are you losing near 60% of today’s smart media internet users? Do you include best practices when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization)? Are you keeping your ... Read More